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About Us

About Phoenix Global Support, LLC

Our Mission and Certified Training Standards

Spanning the Spectrum of Wireless TechnologyOur mission is to provide intelligence training, and operational support and services solutions to defeat Global Terrorism, secure our homeland and defend the American way of life.

Through standardized, professional, and repeatable services and training, we provide the intelligence community with world class support, allowing our customers to Target the World.

As experienced operators, our instructors passionately care about empowering the student through detailed training and in-depth understanding of the material presented.

GSA MOBIS Contract Holder for Training ServicesPhoenix Global Support, LLC is a GSA Contract Holder.  We provide instructional and training services under the guidelines established by MOBIS, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services.

With these performance standards, offered at sensible and affordable rates, Phoenix Global Support, LLC is positioned as the dominant market leader in wireless communications training, services and support.

Spanning the Spectrum of Wireless SpectrumPhoenix Global Support is certified by the U.S. Government, and by many original equipment manufacturers as a preferred communications instruction and training provider for ground, airborne, seaborne and train-the-trainer training, for multiple communications technologies.

Phoenix Global Support meets the highest standards of performance and compliance, having demonstrated strong customer focus, and a quality management approach to sustained success.

With unity of purpose and direction, fully involved instructors, consultants and staff, Phoenix Global Support achieves, and exceeds the objectives established by our corporate leadership.

The Phoenx Global Support, LLC, GSA contract can be found at the GSA eLibrary with contract number GS-02F-0248X.

Wireless Communications

Theories and Applications

Phoenix Global Support, LLC offers both theoretical instruction and field operational training for the entire wireless communications spectrum. With a technological frontier evolving and morphing at an accelerated pace, it is imperative that our clients have a single, one stop training resource they can depend on to enable them to adapt to current and emerging technologies.

Anyone can push buttons.  A multi-faceted pool of trained resources with an in-depth understanding of the core technologies, is prepared to adapt to real-time dynamic challenges.  A superior academic core curriculum, coupled with the opportunity to experience the challenges that field training variables can present, allows our instructors to train students to become adaptable, innovative assets to meet the mission demands experienced in a multiplicity of environments.

We train novice operators, seasoned engineers, action officers, and executives at our campus training facility located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, or at any location designated by the client.  We build mission ready teams.

A One Stop Communications Academy

State of the Art Communications Training

instruction - training - consultingWith specialized training on state-of-the-art communications technologies and equipment, along with a wide range of instructional, operational training and consulting services, Phoenix Global Support is the One-Stop-Academy for communications theory and practical field operations training.

We provide wireless communications training, theory and practical application, from basic to intermediate and beyond to advanced operations.  We prepare our clients for the challenges introduced by field operations variables, and to exceed the standards presented by the most rigorous military, security, and law enforcement agencies and teams anywhere.

The Phoenix Global Campus

A Flexible Alternative

The Fayetteville, N.C. campus is a 22,000 sq. ft. secure facility, providing an environment tailored for specialized training, logistical and exercise support for any organization. This flexibility presents an alternative to costly, decentralized training and presents a widely flexible range of courses and technical training options for any customer.

Extending our outreach, Phoenix Global Support is flexible, prepared and positioned to offer the same superior instruction and training at any location designated by the customer.

Academic Alliance

Accredited Training

Phoenix Global Support, LLC (PGS), offers specialized training on state-of-the-art technologies along with a wide range of training services.

Through our partnership with an accredited school of business and technology (licensed in North Carolina), we are also able to offer classes on many of the most DOD common communications and networking systems.

Spanning the Spectrum of Wireless CommunicationsFor details regarding scheduled training, or to schedule training
with Phoenix Global Support, LLC -  call us at (910) 778-2392,
or EMail Mike Davis at Phoenix Global Support, LLC.


superior training - superior results


Meet Mission Requirements

Operator and unit centered, we create detailed courses tailored to meet mission requirements

Client and student participation in course review and evaluation is paramount to creating effective custom instructional and training plans.

We integrate client and student feedback into our training plans, and provide complete control of the desired training objectives to the client.


Experienced and Competent

Phoenix Global Support provides superior classroom and field training courses for students

Our instructors are competent, experienced operators, instructors, and consultants.

From that personal perspective, our instructors empower students by engaging them in gaining a detailed and in-depth understanding of the subject material in a real-world, operational context.


Detailed Progress and Training Results

ISO-9001 certified, Phoenix Global Support exceeds established standards as a detailed training provider

We provide customer structured, documented and detailed updates throughout the training cycle.  Students are observed and evaluated from the first training day until each student crosses the last challenge for established training objectives, on the last day of training.

Spanning the Spectrum of Wireless SpectrumAll information collected from clients, students and instructors Spanning the Spectrum of Wireless Spectrumis processed organized and presented to the
customer to ensure that the mastery and assimilation of desired training objectives is complete for each student.

   Phoenix Global Support, LLC - Training Publications

Phoenix Global Suppport
Introduction to GSM - introduces and explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) systems.

Students discover why mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich 2nd generation GSM systems. Students will also learn how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multimedia systems.

Described are key functional sections of GSM network components and how they communicate with each other.  How and why GSM is evolving into 3rd generation broadband systems is also presented.

Phoenix Global Support
Introduction to CDMA - introduces and explains the fundamental components, basic operation, services, and terminology used for IS-95 code division multiple access CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) systems.

This book explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of IS-95 CDMA systems.

You will discover why mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich 2nd generation systems. Also addressed is how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multimedia systems.

Phoenix Global Support
UMTS - introduces students to UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems), and it defines the physical and logical channels, network functions, and operations of UMTS.

Subjects introduced and explored are the basic components, technologies and operation of UMTS systems.

Also introduced and presented in this text is why and how mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich digital systems.  And, from this text, readers also discover how these digital systems are evolving into 4th generation broadband multimedia systems.