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AT&T Launches Satellite Back-up Service in USA

AT&T Launches Satellite Back-up Service in US
On September 27, 2010, in GSM, News, by PGSAdmin
AT&T has announced that they will soon be providing a “back-up” satellite coverage for select phones on select plans on their network.

The phone will cost $799 and will require a standard voice and data plan in order to use. Although users will have to purchase the ability to use the satellite system for another $25 a month as well as 65 cents per minute of phone time.

The phone itself is very close to a Blackberry, but a little thicker, however this is an improvement over the usual satellite phone which has a large external antenna.

One of the issues with the phone is that in order to use it you must have full view of the Southern sky with no obstructions (trees, buildings, cover, etc) so you must be outside.

What sets this phone apart from others is that this satellite sends data. The phone is still a fully functional Blackberry that can send and receive emails, picture and text messages, and other types of data and runs Windows Mobile.

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