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Instructor Resources

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum for training and certification on Mode 1 equipment for both air and ground operations. For details on how to sign up for access or to schedule training, contact Mike Davis (910) 401-2162 ext 402
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AT&T Launches LTE-Advanced Network

March 6, 2014, in LTE, by PGSAdmin “In Chicago AT&T is basically running two LTE systems on two very disparate bands: 700 MHz and the 2100 MHz Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) frequencies. By aggregating those channels AT&T will be able to send data over a 15 MHz-wide downlink, increasing theoretical download speeds to around 110…
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First LTE Advanced network – South Korea

Korea On June 26, 2013, in LTE, News, by PGSAdmin “SK Telecom announced Wednesday that it has launched the world’s first LTE-Advanced network, a faster LTE standard that was originally deemed by the International Telecommunication Union as a true 4G standard. LTE-Advanced is capable of data transfer rates of 150Mbps, roughly twice as fast as…
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Intra-Device Interference

February 11, 2013, in GSM, LTE, by PGSAdmin Modern cell phones do not contain only one radio, but multiple radios for multiple technologies. This is specification from the 3GPP for how to mitigate multi-technology interference, intra-device. Via 3G and 4G Wireless Blog
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