Ron Haynes

Ron Haynes, Chief Strategy Officer
Phoenix Global Support, LLC

Phoenix Global Support, LLC welcomes Ron Haynes as the Chief Strategy Officer.

Ron Haynes, MS, PMP, is the Chief Strategy Officer for Phoenix Global Support, LLC. He is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel (retired), having served as a Special Operations Forces Logistics Officer and JSOTF J-4.  He has had a prestigious military career.

Equally impressive, Ron has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Master of Science degree in National Security Studies, and he is a certified Project Management Professional.

Ron currently serves as the President, Joint Special Operations Association, a Phoenix Global Support, LLC  designated Good Works charitable organization.

The mission of the Joint Special Operations Association is to memorialize the fallen, provide scholarships and grants, and to support Joint Special Operations Command family events.

Please visit and support the
Joint Special Operations Association, here:


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